We miss the classics.

Project Wraith will be our labour of love.

Gameplay 1st

If the core gameplay loop isn’t fun, then the foundation is weak. We are focusing on fluid controls and gameplay, easy to learn but hard to master. Rewarding players with a sense of achievement for mastering the game. Learning nade spots, jump boosts and every little angle they can to gain an advantage. Think of classics like CoD4’s Promod reimagined in 2020, with netcode favouring the defender, running at a solid 90Hz tickrate. All in a fast-TTK package – your mistakes will be punished, a tactical experience.

A new home

Solo ranked matchmaking, team scrims, leaderboards and tournaments is our final goal. We want to create a home for Competitive players of skill levels. But casual is equally as important, trying to force everyone to play under one banner will result in alienation of your playerbase. Let players decide and host their own servers and communities with complete autonomy. We will support you, and not abandon you like the AAA games, by artificially segmenting our player-base with yearly releases and pay-walls. 


My promise

New maps and weapons will always be free, everything unlocked from day one. No pay to win, ever. Just cosmetics only. We want our players to feel involved on what the next weapon should be, what map they’d love and more. This is what it means to care for your players, to understand their frustrations and involve them. Remember, we are gamers too and this is our labour of love. We wouldn’t want it to be tainted by bullshit practices either. No freaking lootboxes, or unfair grind/paywalls. You pay once and that’s it. You can choose to further support us with cosmetic purchases that have zero effect on gameplay. Project Wraith will be supported for 4-5 years, and that’s brutal honesty – my promise as the founder.

Uncompromising quality

We’re a passion project with no funding as of now, yet we hold ourselves to high standards and we’re proud of what we’re doing. We do it with a smile. If we ever do become successful, we won’t forget where we started. A grass roots endeavour.

We’re looking for talent

Intrigued? Grassrootz Studios is growing fast. We have talented animators, sound designers, programmers, artists and more. We’re the definition of a true grassroots gaming movement. Everyone is working on Project Wraith whilst having full-time jobs and lives, commitment and passion to make a great game first, we are tired of asset-flips and our only goal is to create a satisfying, skilful FPS game. Our scope is simple and realistic, not another Battle Royale or the ‘next big thing’ – we are not here to promise the world to everyone. How about a well-made game with a focus on gameplay?

If you feel the same way as us and have the ability to stick to regular meetings and deadlines, we have many positions available, check out our live listings here.

Weekly dev blog updates guaranteed, stay tuned!