[April 9th, 2019]
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Things are really starting to shape up. We’ve recently had tons of very cool people join the project. One of them is Gambit – the pure German efficiency stereotype personified. His hard work on UI has given us a lot of options. The loadout system is a sneak-peek at perks. Speaking of which…


  • My personal fav!


Not to be bested by his overseas European neighbour (please leave your Brexit jokes at the door gentleman) – our resident SilentAlchemi has impressed us all with his Perk icons. They take inspiration from things you’ve seen in other games before, but these are the one-star, or tier 1 versions of the perks. You will be able to boost a perk up to tier 2 & 3, with each tier having stronger status effects.

I’ll let you folks guess what each perk does. They’re not overpowered, don’t worry.

3D Art

We’ve also got a bunch of really cool 3D Art by new team member Sleepy to show. He’s doing a fantastic job giving life to Woodfall, by building custom 3D assets. I especially like the Watch Tower, a great vantage point, but also vulnerable to all angles.


Last but not least, I forgot to include the amazing, beautifully made Altyn helmet by ROFLDance, that he made for our Russian PMC character model.

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