Founder backstory

I’ve been dabbling in game development since the end of 2015. Sick of overpriced, dead-after-a-year FPS franchises churned out by the big name publishers – I wanted a way out. I wanted to make a simple gaming experience. Game development is excruciatingly hard and I’ve learnt this the hard way, but these teams have kept me motivated:

Ubi’s Rainbow: Six Siege. Reviving a bad launch by delivering on what players wanted. Consistent DLC and spectacular competitive support. This is how eSports should be done.

DE’s Warframe, non-stop care and attention with countless updates which expand the game every day. This is a development team which you simply can’t admire enough.

Epic’s Fortnite, love it or hate it, Epic has shown how important it is to create a fun, polished experience first. Most of all, it’s completely free – standing boldly in front of AAA $60+ releases.

Officially, this project began towards the end January 2018. Many failures along the way, I have learnt the ins and outs of indie game development, especially with remote teams. Now – after many dozens of setbacks, I’ve managed to amass a team of very talented, passionate individuals who feel the same way as me.

You too? Our dev team is always looking for talented folks. Join us here.

Fast forward to today

We are sick of it all. We want to make an FPS game which focuses on the most important elements. These are our promises which we will never allow ourselves to break, no matter the cost:

  1. Amazing gun and movement mechanics. Reward player skills and do not penalise them for learning gameplay inside out. Alongside exotic weapon archetypes and specialisms, we want to build depth in our game by having so much variety to learn/master.

  2. Clean gameplay. Having to watch out for mines, explosives, AI- killstreaks and one-shot abilities is mentally taxing. No frustrating elements is our motto, nothing except your own mistakes should punish you. Netcode is also a huge focus for us.

  3. Pro-consumer monetization. That means no grind-walls, no loot boxes, nothing unfair, ever. People who purchase the game are entitled to free updates/DLC for life. You can even earn cosmetic skins without spending a penny. Be fair to those that support you and they will give back. Not forcing them to spend $40 a year on DLC.

  4. Constant, meaningful community engagement with dev blogs and Q&As on Reddit. These are not empty words. Without the community behind it, a game/dev team is nothing but just another number. As the founder, my job is to ensure my players know what is happening and what they should expect, and I should be honest about any hurdles along the way.

Everything you could ask for

All the structure you need is in place: regular meetings, deadlines, and spectacularly talented devs on your side. Let’s do this together.

Be part of something special.

Join our team

Meet our team

  • Eris

    Audio Engineer (WWise)
  • LastNickLeft

    Project Lead
  • Roger